Never give a child a book?!

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.”

– Oscar Wilde                                             .

“Amber’s Atoms – The First 10 Elements of the Periodic Table” is here for you, too. Please leave a note if you enjoy it as much as your child.

Amber’s Atoms available on Amazon, now!


January 26, 2016

Amber’s Atoms, a large print paperback, was “#1 New Release in Children’s Books” off and on, and is currently “#1 New Release in Children’s Chemistry Books”, an easier rank to maintain for sure. To get it on Amazon, click here. The reviews have been great!

I have gotten Amazon to post “Look inside”, but you can get a better peek on the Amber’s Atoms Sample tab (click here.) It does take a moment to load.

– E. M. Robinson


January 20, 2016

Amber’s Atoms is live on Amazon! You can click here to buy it. Or you can go to and search on “Amber’s Atoms.” Interesting what else shows up.

If you go now, you can see the review I submitted. Amazon actually put it up:

5 Stars – “Highly Regarded Book”

“Well, of course I think it’s a five-star. I wrote it. (Even though I wrote it, I do think it’s worth 5 stars.)
But look quick. Amazon will remove my review as soon as they see it. You can submit the first impartial review! – E. M. Robinson”


Amber’s Atoms is “in the can.”

The book is ready to publish. I’m just working on getting my email list up and running so I can notify people who have asked to know when they will be able to buy Amber’s Atoms – The First 10 Elements of the Periodic Table on Amazon.

Any day now!

– Elizabeth

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I’m busy organizing this site for my first book Amber’s Atoms The First 10 Elements of the Periodic Table. I plan to feature other good STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) books as I find them.

Please leave a comment. I appreciate any suggestions, especially titles of other exceptional STEM books, for children of any age.

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